以下は、2018年12月18日にCNNで放送された「Three Identical Strangers」というインタビューの文字起こしから抜粋した1文です。同題の映画は生まれたときに別れ別れになり、19年後に再会した三つ子の物語で、遺伝子と環境因子の容姿や性格に与える影響を遺伝子学者Dr. Tennen女史が解説しています。

 You know, it did surprise me a little bit actually to see that these triplets who had been separated for so many years actually were quite similar in terms of their behaviors.

 Certainly there are things you know when you're with someone who's very looks very similar to you and you're kind of caught up in this is so exciting that I have a triplet you can imagine that those were the things that maybe it would be portrayed in the news more than the differences, but it really was surprising to me to see those similarities after so many years.

Three Identical Strangers: The Science Behind The Story

 いかがですか? 構文解析できましたか。2つ目の文を例に清書してみましょう。